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    FAQ– Vestige Services

    We at have been solving our customer needs from past 11 years. Dealing with different kind of businesses has enabled us in gaining a significant amount of experience and the practical mannerism. Nevertheless, the very thing we have encountered numerous times is the customer’s curiosity about his project, it’s a good thing, though, thus to satisfy your curious wings in one place and time, we have come up with an all-inclusive list of frequently asked questions. Let’s get started-:

    Frequently Asked Questions


    We at Vestige Services, respect the dream of an inventive mind, now whether it’s a start-up, small business or someone with a big team and innovative approach, we cater them all. As far as business industries are concerned, we have dealt with technology, food apparel, health and medical sector, travelling, finance, arts sector, business consultancies and more. Over the decade, we have facilitated companies enhancing customer service, building a brand, marketing their products and building a strong customer base. The state-of-the-art team of Vestige takes the time to know your industry, organisation, competitors to ensure your sites supports all your commercial objectives.


    The whole project begins with a 25% deposit in the initial stage. After completion of the design part, our team move into the programming section, where we should gather 25% of the payment. Once the project is completed from different means and modified as per the requirement, we accumulate the left-out payment, and your website is scheduled for the launch.


    Essentially, a static website is a website which is created with the help of the HTML only. Every page is a separate document, and there’s no database from where it sources from. So, the only manner through which you can change the functionality of the website is to go into each page and edit the given HTML, which you can either implement on your own or advise the same to the team of Vestige Services.

    Now coming on to the Dynamic website, such kind of website are a little complex but also capable of doing so much more. For example, you can have an area where you can log in and modify different part of the website, such as changing content, adding or changing information of products. News Website, E-commerce sites are nothing but a full example of the Dynamic Internet sites. They contain the database which static site don’t usually help, and it can be easily changed via a different interface.

    Dynamic websites usually cost more to build, as they necessities complex coding and a proper content management utility to enable to manage the website on your own. However, it comes with many benefits such as changing of content, develop an efficient data management system. When it comes to working, many a time people choose a combination of both (static and dynamic), by having some pages as dynamic such as product catalogue where they can quickly change the information (pictures and content) regularly while leaving other pages such as contact details as static pages.


    The cost of the website depends upon different factors, just like the expense of a business property vary. It demands specific considerations of an innumerable amount of factors such as the requirement, the business module, the content infrastructure, design complexities and more. Though, to give you a basic idea, our website projects starts from the $XXXX range and move upwards, depending upon the requirement of the client.


    The Vestige Services was founded in 2006 with a vision to deliver, quality, vision and affordable web solutions throughout the globe. Discover about Vestige Services on our about us Page.


    If you are entirely new to the online business, we suggest you know what a website is. The website is the image that you exemplify in the online internet world. It defines whether your business will flourish in the coming years or become totally outdated (Just with the presentation on the website). If you hope that successful offline brand will perform great online, it’s wrong. Lousily presentation will turn the smart customers away. Even they can totally avoid making offline purchases from you if they consider your business outdated regarding the use of latest technology or updated presentations. Your website is your Shop on the virtual land of the internet, and it does what a great company does- bring many happy customers. So, give focus on the website you are about to design.