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    Waterhouse Designs

    Waterhouse Designs deals in high-quality interior designing related to luxury kitchens, bathrooms and latest bathroom in new areas. They needed a website that possesses the identity they represent in their work in a deployed, managed and sophisticated manner.

    We Delivered - Our devoted team come together with a fresh and beautiful looking concept for their business and presented things in a manageable, and organised way. We examined the requirement meticulously and conceptualised a custom-made website with the help of our resources. The complete site was successfully formed with full functionality as per the scope to help client establishing a different identity in their luxury designing section.

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    Kickass confidence is a book based on different proven research and studies conducted by American Confidence Institute on how to create a growth mindset and win over any situation. The team also provide training, tools and experiences. They wanted an online platform (responsive website) where they can showcase their essential products and services to grow and help the public at large.

    We Delivered - We went beneath their concept with the aid of our creative them and conceptualised the information architecture in the website. Our design and development head came together with creative heads and crafted the site which is purely up to the mark. More efforts were given to show what it is and how it can impact the people lives. Because it’s a life-changing or enhancing product, it has to be presented in a refined and organised manner. The complete website was marvellously crafted with extensive functionality per the constraint to help them flourish in their respective field.

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